The Gemma Line was created in response to the changing needs of the catering and wine consumption sectors. This line stands out for its more niche character, reflecting a trend towards more limited consumption but with a search for greater quality.
The choice to create the Gemma Line was guided by the evolution of taste and preferences of consumers, who increasingly seek high quality wines from regions historically renowned for wine production.
The products of the Gemma Line are characterized by a higher alcohol content, which gives them a unique robustness and flavor complexity. They come from the most prestigious and renowned Italian regions for wine production, bringing with them the tradition and authenticity of these lands.
One of the distinctive features of the Gemma Line is its captivating and elegant packaging. The bottles are conical and heavy, screen-printed with refined details and embellished with gold foil on the label. This sophisticated and refined design gives the line an aura of luxury and prestige, making it irresistible in the eyes of the most demanding consumers.
The Gemma Line is not only appreciated on the national market, but also enjoys great success abroad. The combination of high quality, renowned provenance and classy packaging makes it a sought-after and prestigious option for wine connoisseurs around the world.

Prosecco Extra Dry DOP

A young and captivating extra dry sparkling wine,
ideal for any festive occasion.
of celebration. Straw-colored with
foam and fine perlage. Fresh and pleasantly fruity aroma.

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Sangiovese Puglia IGT

It presents a deep red color. Velvety smooth and harmonious on the palate, it has an intense and delicate aroma with pleasant hints of ripe fruit and spices.

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Cabernet Sauvignon IGT

Full red in color with purplish highlights.
Pleasant intense vinous fragrance, pleasant and fruity. A full-bodied wine with a smooth, harmonious flavor and a slightly herbaceous aftertaste.

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